First, if you're finding yourself unable to post in the For Sale or Wanted forums it's because we require posters to have 15 posts in other forums before being able to create a new topic here. We do this to prevent the people who join just to sell things.

  • You can sell anything here, provided it isn't illegal or stolen.
  • Pictures must follow site guidelines, i.e. PG-13 rated or better.
  • No piggybacking on other peoples' threads to get around the 15 post minimum.
  • No post whoring in other groups just to get to your 15 post minimum, you get there by adding content of value.
  • Anyone breaking the last two rules will find their posts and user accounts deleted without warning.

Please be wary of the amount of personal information you post in your threads; they are visible to the Internet, and we don't filter who sees it. This includes things like phone numbers, addresses, etc. Also be aware of VIN numbers and license plates shown in pictures.