Attention all users:

Since the board has grown and the userbase activity increased significantly, I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of the guidelines and rules here:

1. We're pretty liberal about what can be posted. We allow profanity to a point (this is a biker board), and almost any topic you can come up with is covered under the forum headings. However, a couple things will not be tolerated:
- Abuse of other users. We all know each other here and this is not your typical anonymous web board. If you have a problem with someone, use the board's private message feature, or don't post it. Abusive topics will be closed.
- Porn. Sorry, we can't allow this here. This is more of a "family" environment than your typical board, and we may have underage people seeing the pages, so posts with pornographic images will be deleted. (Note, "suggestive" and "porn" are not the same - porn here is defined as something you wouldn't want your 10 year old kid seeing.) Repeat offenders will be banned.

2. Please post in the designated forum for the topic you are starting. This will help keep the information on here easy to find and free of clutter. Speaking of clutter, DO NOT replicate the same post in multiple forums (aka: cross-posting). Duplicate posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned.

3. Creating multiple user accounts is not allowed. Even though the board may allow it by nature of the software, we do not - it's not needed for any reason here. If we find that this has happened, extra accounts will be deleted and banned at our discretion.

4. Slander of others. We of course know that try as we might, it's possible for people in the Colorado riding community to not get along. However, please have the maturity to take it off-site, and deal with it like an adult. If things posted on this board result in the CSC staff getting involved in disputes with people not even in the club, which create an unfair negative image of CSC or it's members, we will take whatever action we see as necessary to correct the issue.

We're not trying to dampen any spirits, just head problems off before they occur (experience in Internet communities has taught us that having these policies in place early on save a lot of headaches for everyone).

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