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Mon Apr 26th, 2004, 02:42 PM
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Weekly rides are officially back on.

I know many of you have been ridiing for weeks and even months already, but we wanted to try and kick-start the official weekly rides back into full-swing. These are a mostly reminders, plus a few changes from last year.

Details (times/locations) about the following can be found on the main website (http://www.cosportbikeclub.org/club/weekly.html).

1. The official meeting point for Saturday & Sunday rides is the Conoco gas station in Morrison, just off C-470.

2. The meeting time for the weekly rides is 9:30 AM, leaving at 10:00 sharp. Remember to be fully fuelled before leaving.

3. Sunday rides are officially designated as the "Mellow Ride". Meeting time & place will be the same as the Saturday Ride (Morrison Conoco @ 9:30 AM). This ride is designed for those that want to enjoy the scenery, are bringing a passenger, or are new to riding. Of course if you want to tear it up, you still can - just let the rest of the group know your intentions, and leave a few minutes ahead of them.

4. [strike:97dade03c0]Monday night is Bike Night at Jillians - join us for special drink pricing, complimentary finger food, half price billiards and discounted bowling.[/strike:97dade03c0]

5. [strike:97dade03c0]Every other Tuesday is Ladies Night at Second Creek. This is something that SCR started last year. [/strike:97dade03c0]

6. For those of you that are interested, just a reminder that Wednesday nights is Test & Tune at Bandimere Speedway (1/4 mile dragstrip).

7. Wednesdays is Bike Night at the Breckeridge Brewery. Look, talk shop, eat, drink, or just hang-out.

8. [strike:97dade03c0]Thursday nights are motorcycles only at Second Creek.[/strike:97dade03c0]

Cheers & safe riding! 8)

Thu May 6th, 2004, 01:17 PM
Wow..If my girlfriend doesnt break up with me by mid summer because of all the things to do then I'll marry her...lol