View Full Version : PMP (Pueblo) Friday Night Drags, Opening Night Friday May 11

Sun May 6th, 2012, 09:11 PM
Friday Night Drags - Opening Night! (http://www.pueblomotorsportspark.us/calendar.aspx?EID=18)
We are Overhauled, Revved Up, and Ready to Race for this Pueblo tradition over 30 years in the making! Friday Night Drags are high octane action for the entire family! Our high school class offers the chance to earn points towards a college scholarship! Or just come out and play or enter to compete for a trophy!
(From the PMP website)

Anybody plan on attending? Every drag racer I've met in Colorado seems to love this place above all else for some reason, bike and car guys alike. I've never been, but as I live in Pueblo now I plan on going just about every Friday...

This Friday I'll be there with at least 4 friends of mine (mostly muscle car racers) and my trailer. (To haul extra wheels, tools, jacks, drinks, etc) and then there's going to be an after party at my place out in the county. I'm hoping at least a few CSC'ers might be attending as well, it's always nice to meet and interact with people at these things, especially other bike racers. I'll be able to tow and haul parts for those interested, and keep them locked up between runs (very important), but for the most part I just want to see if anybody is headed out there that night. Gates open at 4 PM, Tech at 5 PM and races at 6 PM, not sure until when though. If you've never been to a drag strip before, I highly recommend it! If your bike is stock and not stupid fast (150+ HP or so) all you need is a Snell helmet, decent gloves, boots and jacket and you can race all night long for cheap!

Sun May 6th, 2012, 10:59 PM
Maybe car pool with you if I can go? I also just realized I saw you at the Sky Sox game, sorry I didn't say hello :-/; I had already had 7 drinks by the time the game started.

Sun May 6th, 2012, 11:15 PM
Hah, I don't remember seeing you there... I had quite a few myself. My unit charged us $9 for almost unlimited beer tickets. I had at least 9 before the end of the night... If you can go though, I'm down in Pueblo now. Like I said I have a few car guys and maybe another bike or two showing up, and the plan is to just retire to my place at the end of the night. Not sure what I'll be doing earlier in the evening (bike or car to work, etc) but if you want to hook up at my place before hand, maybe load your bike into my trailer or bring along some extra gear/parts, etc beforehand, just let me know. Last time my friends and I went we had to bring cables and locks to secure extra wheels and tools to fences, etc, so they didn't walk away. This time we're going to have a portable garage, which is always nice.