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Guidelines, Etiquette, and Posting

Welcome to the Colorado Sportbike Club! We've created this space as a way for sportbike riders and enthusiasts across Colorado to interact, plan rides and events, and generally chat about anything related to sportbikes (and in some cases, things that have nothing to do with them). We want you to have fun on this site, and as a member of CSC.

While we typically allow all types of conversations on the forums, we do have some guidelines that we expect all users to follow:
- Topics should be kept within the respective forum they apply to. For example, if you're wondering how to adjust your forks, put it in Bike Tech and not in the Canyon Carving forum. The General area is for topics that basically have no other place to go (i.e. random chit chat).
- Political and religious discussion is OK, however it MUST remain civil. You can disagree with someone in an adult manner, and make your points intelligently (really, it can be done). If you find yourself unable to get your point across without insults, don't bother.
- Threats or flat out insults towards other members will not be tolerated.
- Porn will not be tolerated, even if you put NWS (Not Work Safe) in the topic. If it's worse than PG-13 rated, please don't post it here. We have many users who browse from work or in the presence of children, and want this site to remain accessible to all.
- Post Whoring is bad! We do recognize the difference between occasional random comments and obvious post-count marathons and appreciate humorous posts as much as anyone else. Rapid or useless posting will bring down the hammer, especially when used to get around the For Sale rules below.
- Posting in For Sale and Wanted forums requires you to have a minimum of 15 posts in other topics. This does two things: First, it gives you a chance to let us know who you are, and add value through what you know to the forum. Second, it prevents "one post wonders" who join simply to post ads. We don't charge money to post ads, but we do ask that you at least contribute by way of knowledge before expecting to use this feature.
- SPAM is not tolerated. At all. Posting personal property in the For Sale forum is fine (provided you have the requisite 15 post count), and shops with special deals are welcome to let our members know in Wheels N Deals. However blatant posting of SPAM and creation of user accounts just to post it will result in immediate post deletion and account suspension.
- Our moderators and administrators run this site as volunteers, and at some personal expense. As such, abuse towards these members will not be tolerated.

- We have adopted a near-zero tolerance policy for the more aggregious offenses, out of necessity. Penalties for breaking the above rules include everything from warnings and post/thread deletion, to possible termination of your access privileges. Reporting you to your ISP may also occur if we feel you are abusing our site.

You should be aware that we do log all IP addresses and access attempts to this site, and retain that information. Furthermore, by using this site you acknowledge that we store your user information, posts, and PM's (Private Messages) in a database. We make every reasonable effort to secure that information from unauthorized access, including use of firewalls and secured systems, however no system is completely hacker-proof. Don't be afraid to change your password from time to time, and use passwords that are hard for someone to guess. We may retrieve database information directly from time to time for server troubleshooting, upgrades, or investigation of rule infractions, and may use any information collected to generate various statistics on user activity.

What gets moderated

Occasionally, people wonder why we moderate (or don't) various items the way we do. Hopefully this clears it up.

CSC moderators function on the concept of "best effort". What this means is that we try to keep the peace on the forum where we feel it's necessary, but are under no obligation to do so. This also means that some things may get moderated while others do not.

We also occasionally get complaints on moderation style. While not even close to inclusive, this may help you understand the basics we follow:
1. Threats against other members are not tolerated. We can edit, or remove any post that violates this rule.
2. If the majority of a thread has descended into something completely useless, inflammatory, or junior-high-popularity-contest-ganging-up-on-someone, we may lock the thread or remove it from public view.
3. We are not babysitters. We are not your parents. This forum is intended for adults, and we expect people to act like it. This also means that you should not come running straight to us just because someone made you angry/sad/emotional. You're a grown-up, deal with it. If it gets completely out of line we may elect to step in at our discretion, however we are under no obligation or precedent to do so. Sometimes people piss other people off, and this forum is certainly no different.
4. If you post something off-topic for a forum, expect it to get moved. If you do it a lot, expect it to get deleted and your posting privileges revoked.
5. If you join just to troll, your account will be deleted along with your posts rather unceremoniously.
6. If you're overly critical of our moderation style, expect us not to care. If you think you're god's gift to mods and can do it that much better, visit, throw down some money, and give it a go.

Thanks. :)

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