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Thread: 502 stickers are back!

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    502 stickers are back!

    Many of you already know this, but in case you are new to the CSC....

    July 12 marks the 2 year anniversary of Gene Bazyl's death.

    During the time of Gene's accident you may remember that we were selling 502 stickers (gene's mra number) to assist his family with medical bills and stuff.

    You may also remember that during that time Gene's parents asked me to liquidate most of Gene's motorcycle related things. I was able to sell almost everything and placed the money into what is being called the Gene fund. As of right now the account has just over $12,500.00 in it. The money is ear marked to be spent on improving our local tracks in Gene's name. However, with the uncertainty of the new track and the looming management change at PMP I have decided to not rush spending the money. I feel that it needs to be put towards the best use possible and I want to explore all options first.

    However, I thought it might be a good idea to have some more stickers printed up. So I am having a supply made up and will be selling them through the CSC and MRA for $5.00. All of the proceeds will go into the Gene fund.

    For those of you going to bostons tonight I will bring a supply. I will also have a supply at Hastings this weekend.

    Questions...please let me know


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    Re: 502 stickers are back!


    Have some at the next Pueblo races too if you can.

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