Hey there all,
Well had a great flight on Tuesday night as the skies were clear and the Stars were out all the way to Dickinson N Dakota then to Sydney Montana.
We got there around 11:00 that night and back up and to the airport at 04:30 the next morn, tired and -19 below there and Thank God for a warm hangar and not needing to de-ice, then off for another fun filled day....oh boy. Flew all day the 31st and ended up on maintenance in Cheyenne that night. Suck but it all came to as we were tired and wanted to go home, left cys and went back to Mt and came back to 40 knot winds 50 miles out of Denver as it was a bumpy ride all the way in. Least to say, I as well the rest of the crew, are home safe and have 3 days off to spend with the family and a little R&R on the couch. I guess is what I am saying is, I missed the epic party at foolds and need to start getting my tail out to ride with you all more cause last year was'nt enough!!!!
Happy New year to you all in the CSC from my family to yours!!!