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Thread: Highest revving motorcycle?

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    Highest revving motorcycle?

    From this thread, I figured you guys might know...
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    Re: Highest revving motorcycle?

    Probably the Y2k motorcycle, that uses a turbine. Doesn't that thing hit RPMs in like the 30,000 range??
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    Re: Highest revving motorcycle?

    As far as regular production bikes, the R6 from a couple of years ago allegedly revved to 17,500 rpm, but the tachs were "optimistic" by about 10%.
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    Re: Highest revving motorcycle?

    I think the redline on a lot of the race ready Kawi's is somewhere between 16.5k & 17.5k


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    Re: Highest revving motorcycle?

    That re5 that ron has if turned right and things modfied would be the highest reving motorcycle

    It could almost be unlimited amounts of rpms
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    Re: Highest revving motorcycle?

    If street legal doesn't matter, the Honda (oval piston) NR500 supposedly turned about 24,500. Also, I remember the 6-cylinder 250's that Hailwood rode were in the very high teens, low 20's. Matter of fact, Honda did research to see if the rpm level could get so great that cylinder-fill and flame speed would become limiting factors.....and couldn't find the limits.

    I don't think the Y2K counts as it's a turbine, not a reciprocating engine.
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    Re: Highest revving motorcycle?

    Haha, wow. The youtube video of the Y2K turbine bike is amazing! Can you imagine riding near one of those in a canyon. Just hearing it and not sure what's behind you!

    Link repost in case you didn't read the other thread:

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