Want to contribute to the Knowledge Base? Have something of value to add? It's easy! Just follow these steps:

- Click the Knowledge Base link in the menu bar at the top of all forum pages.
- Find the category you'd like to contribute to.
- Click 'Submit Article', above the article list.
- Write up what you'd like to submit. All the usual forum formatting applies, as do the same rules.
- Make sure you select a type for your article, under the composition box.
- Click Submit! An admin will review it, and either approve it or not.

Some things to remember:
The KB is a collection of information. It isn't intended for raw opinions, political disucssion, or slander. We have plenty of other places you can express yourself on here. It is meant to be a resource to Colorado riders, and as such anything approved to be in there must keep that in mind.

Also, all forums MUST follow the forum rules. This is something which will be linked to from other sites, and some folks are just looking for the facts. Try to keep articles to the point, and concise.