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Thread: Mladin's views on F1

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    Mladin's views on F1

    Last but not least: the F1 GP at Indy: Whilst it was sad to see the debacle, and sad to see that the fans didn't get to see all the drivers and cars they had come to see, let alone their monies worth, the result of the race was pretty normal. No, I don't mean the guy who won; I mean the type of racing that F1 provides. Whilst the cars are a technological masterpiece, the racing is a joke at best. The commentators do a great job of making it seem exciting. It only takes one car to be within 30 car lengths of another and they call it close racing and make it sound like a pass is on the cards. More passing happens in the pit lane and whilst going around the back markers than ever happens near the front of the race. I turn it on to watch the start of the race, as the multi-gazillion dollar drivers normally manage to bang into each other in the first corner and send a few into the kitty litter. I thought that the best drivers in the world could navigate the first turn without any incident and let the race take shape. That's where the first turn problem lies. Most of them know that where they exit the first turn is likely where they will finish the race. Sounds like an exciting spectacle to me.

    To all the ex fans of F1 racing: if you want to see some great racing and be able to get the autographs of the competitors for your kids, you need to come to an AMA national. You be greeted to a full day of racing, not just two hours. Oh yes, I almost forgot, the riders walk around the pits like normal people, well, sort of normal. Okay, maybe just a bit tweaked, but are generally around to sign posters and stuff except when getting ready to practice, qualify or race.
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    My thoughts exactly!
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