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Thread: Thinking of selling the Husky...

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    Thinking of selling the Husky...

    So I bought a 09 Husky 510 SM last year, thinking I would race it in Sportsman or Novice this year.

    The fact of the matter is...I haven't attended a single race, and I've ridden it on the street a total of 4 times (Changed the oil 2 times), and I rode it at IMI once for an hour.

    I love the bike, it pulls like a mofo and it's a blast. Plus it's just so damn sexy...But for commuting, it's a literal pain in the butt. In addition to the limited seat time on it, I don't want to wreck it at a race because it's got a sweet dual exhaust and parts apparently are scarce around CO.

    I'm seriously thinking of selling it and going back to building a CRF450 sumo...


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    Re: Thinking of selling the Husky...

    Do it. I would choose a WR450 instead though- better valves.

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