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Thread: History of the CSC

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    Post History of the CSC

    The Colorado Sportbike Club was formed in the early spring of 2000 by Paul Anderson (R1s) & John Dietrich (Dietrich_R1). We decided to start a club to meet other people with an interest in motorcycles.

    We gave it the name "Colorado Sportbike Club" to meet others interested in the growing popularity of Sportbikes, however we do not discriminate against any type of motorcycle, so even Harley's to Goldwings are more than welcome. We just like to get together, ride, and have a good time. It was formed with the philosophy of "No Dues, No Meetings... just riding, having fun, and meeting other people who appreciate motorcycles".

    The club didn't have much of a website in the early days, but co-founder and club President, John Dietrich, had some ideas about making a site that could serve as a "one-stop shop" of resources for motorcyclists in Colorado. Bob Hasenhundl (Spiderman) offered his services as web designer and tried to help make that a reality (back then he was known as "Webmaster Bob").

    In August of 2001, co-founder and President of the club, John Dietrich, moved out of state & handed over the reins to Jeffrey Missal, a relative newcomer to the club, but someone who shared John's passion for riding (before Jeff found out about the CSC, he formed his own club, Denver's Performance Bikes, using Yahoo! Groups).

    Due to a combination of circumstances, Jeff Missal was mostly absent his first few months as President. In November 2001, he finally conceded that those circumstances were preventing him from running the club effectively, and since they weren't going to be changing anytime soon, he stepped down as President. Bob Hasenhundl ("Spiderman"), who had tended to most club administrative duties during Jeff's absence, informed the members of Jeff's resignation (this is long before the forums, when email was still the main form of communication for the club), and offered to continue "running" the club as he has been doing. Receiving no opposition from the members, and even receiving some encouragement, Bob officially started serving as the club's President.

    In April of 2004, long-time member Ralph Forsythe (rforsythe) was officially named as Vice-President of the club. This is a role he had been fulfilling for some time already, having been active in the club since it's early days and donated a lot of his own personal time and resources (including hosting of the CSC website, and keeping the forum software up to date). He is an ambassador for the club, a coordinator of events, and a voice of reason as an Administrator on the forums.

    The club has grown substantially over the years, and with the rising cost of fuel in 2008 and the failing economy, more people have turned to motorcycles as a cheap and efficient mode of transportation (that has the added benefit of being fun!). People were drawn to the club because it was extremely economical (can't beat free!), and did not require a lot of time or effort to belong. In its infancy, the club was small and tight-knit, but as it grew, it evolved, and some of the members didn't like how it was changing. This created some new challenges for the club, as a rift began to form between some of the existing membership and newer members. This trend continued, and it eventually became apparent someone was needed to bridge the gap, and bring old and new together. In the fall of 2010, Christi Little (bornwildnfree) volunteered to be the New Member Ambassador, personally greeting each new member as they join the club, helping them navigate their way around the forum, and assist with any issues, problems, concerns or suggestions they may have. She hosts monthly gatherings (called "Mashups") from March to November, bringing everyone together with food, laughter and of course, motorcycles.

    This thread replaces the original History page.
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