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Thread: Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

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    Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

    So I'm thinking about trying dirt next season, probably just trail riding, and I'm researching some bikes. I've had a couple KTM supermotos and I'm a fan so I'll probably go orange. Hedonic treadmill and all....

    Having never ridden one, I like the idea of a 2 stroke in that it's simple and lightweight, so I was thinking about the 200 XC-W, but I'm kind of worried about elevation since it's carbureted. I really don't want to have to fiddle with carbs all the time so I was wondering how it would do riding from 5k-10k feet compared to something fuel injected like the 350 XCF-W. At the moment, I'm leaning four stroke just because that's what I know, but 15 lbs lighter and simpler maintenance sounds good too. Thoughts?

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    Re: Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

    300 EXC jet it for 6k' and pretty much ride anywhere in CO. Funnest bikes I have ever owned. Carb'd 4 strokes are even more forgiving about altitude changes when jetted for 6k'. Although FI will be easier I am not sure I would limit myself to that. I can jet my 300 pretty easily if I feel like it.

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    Re: Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

    What Dave said. 300EXC is a fantastic bike. Or just don't worry about it any more and get a 380EXC

    The ONLY reason I sold my 300EXC and got the 450EXC was it was easier not having to carry oil. But I find that was a bad excuse. I love my 450 but miss the 300 every time I ride.

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    Re: Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

    2 smoke fan here, what they said, no issues
    KTM Duke 690

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    Re: Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

    I ride a KTM 525 4 stroke, and like bueller said I had mine jetted at 6k when I first got it and haven't messed with it since. It does great on the local tracks by my house and on some single track way up in the sticks. I fairly new to dirt myself and I figured I would be carrying a container of jets with me and switching them out all the time.

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    Re: Bike Recommendation / 2 stroke at elevation

    I've got an older, 2001, YZ250 that I jetted for 6500, and I haven't had any issues yet. I came from VA as well. Trails out here are more fun.

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