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Thread: EBR 1190 RX unveiled

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    EBR 1190 RX unveiled

    EBR claims 185 horsepower from the 1190cc V-Twin powering the RX, with peak torque registering 101.6 lb-ft. Engineers tout the powerplant’s raw power also comes with peak efficiency, citing more than 40 mpg average and as high as 51 mpg on the freeway. The RX power is also metered out by a 21-level traction control – the first EBR production model to incorporate a TC system.
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    Re: EBR 1190 RX unveiled

    I dislike somethings and like others. I would ride it but would not buy it.

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    Re: EBR 1190 RX unveiled

    I hope that Corbin makes a seat.

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    Re: EBR 1190 RX unveiled

    this is one of those "to each his own"

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    Re: EBR 1190 RX unveiled

    at fay meyers

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    Re: EBR 1190 RX unveiled

    Meh. I'm normally a fan of Buell, but this one does nothing for me. And that one at Fay is a different model. I believe that's the street version of their current race bike in AMA

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    Re: EBR 1190 RX unveiled


    I think it looks awesome. But then again I think Ducati makes rolling trash heaps.

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