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Thread: Help Hammer Pay His Medical Bills

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    Re: Help Hammer Pay His Medical Bills

    I know a guy with a degree from Mines that now owes $60k, and a Dentist that owes $300k

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    Re: Help Hammer Pay His Medical Bills

    if motorcycle shop can charge 100 an hour , its like doctors pay . I guess the rest is the screws cost , little things are expensive (memory cards ,chips...) .One trident rocket on submarine cost 30M.
    Twenty years from now ? Maybe few times more.
    Hey its just money , maybe the real cost of trident is couple G's if they made in china

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    Re: Help Hammer Pay His Medical Bills

    Been a while since I posted on here, but I just broke my back in a snowboarding accident, luckily no where near what this costs, but the ER charged me a ton of fee's that i find questionable. I would ask for an Itemized breakdown of everything and also I would dispute the bill with the provider and possibly threaten with contacting the state. No Hospital ER wants the State board to come in and take a look at what they have been doing because they literally will go through not just his, but all patient records. 99% of the time the hospitals will make a deal with the patient. Also, if you do not have insurance and are Unemployed which he sounds like he may be a freelancer and technically self employed is unemployed, if the hospital is a Catholic Health Partner, they will Forgive the bill. Something else to look into to. I know all of this because my father and older sis worked in an ER.

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