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Thread: Anyone missing an 05 GSXR?

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    Re: Anyone missing an 05 GSXR?

    Actually its because people like him not paying the bills they said they would makes it hard for others to buy next time.

    Basically what I'm saying is he signed the contract. He said okay. And for bike. I'm sorry its a toy. Either pay the price you signed to pay for or give it up. What about the guy just trying to do his job that has to keep going back to his house. I truly hope his bank says fuck it and goes legal.

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    Re: Anyone missing an 05 GSXR?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    We were all young and dumb, and it's a lesson learned. But when he's paid quite a bit more than he bough the bike for, and still owes that same amount, it's a screwed up loan package. So I don't blame him one bit.
    The terms of the loan have not changed since he signed the agreement. What has changed is your friend's perspective. It's such a Occupy Wall Street mentality- I'll agree to something as long as it benefits me and as soon as I change my mind I will place blame anywhere besides with myself.
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    Re: Anyone missing an 05 GSXR?

    Quote Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
    I figured the cops had to be notified if not there would be this wild goose chase of cops looking for stolen cars that are not really stolen.
    You think cops actually go look for stolen cars. Nate you funny!
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