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Thread: Its a beautiful day 11 08 14

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    Its a beautiful day 11 08 14

    for a number of reasons.
    its cold and clear, and i have returned to the forums.

    I sold my 2007 Zx14 SE a year and a half ago. after that i stopped coming to the forums, because, well. without a sportbike its kinda pointless.
    Hope the guy who bought it is having super fun. Nice bike, seriously but i got a cruiser to take the wife out with me. (and that worked out great)

    today is beautiful for another reason.
    its my 50th birthday. And i have a Brand-old 2001 Triumph Daytona 955i in the garage.
    its lighter than the big ninja by a lot. which addresses one of the issues i had with the ZX. -not being as nimble as id like-
    so i finally have the best of both worlds.
    a flippy, twisty, nimble bike + two up LazyBoy for two up fun.

    its good to be back.
    happy birthday to me!
    i better change my profile pic i guess.

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    Re: Its a beautiful day 11 08 14

    Nice!!! Congrats and Happy birthday!!!

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