Call your mom, it's on!!!


When: Sunday July 26th, starting around noon. Goes till we're done (things usually start winding down around 4)

Where: Clement Park in Littleton *** SHELTER I ***

What: The grill will be going with burgers, dogs, & brats; you're welcome to bring other meat to grill (more food/drink options below)

Who: Family is welcome, and this is kid/dog friendly (pets and some kids must be leashed!)

This year's BBQ is made possible with help from
Performance Cycle & Mo-Door!

How Do I get There?
We are in shelter "I" this year. From Wadsworth and Bowles, go East on Bowles half a mile to the park entrance by the library (at W. Long Dr.) Follow the road up and around the back of the library and through the parking lot towards the skate park. Paved parking is available next to the picnic site.

What Can I Bring? How Can I Help?
We have both stepped up to help supply hot-dogs, brats, burgers, buns, and some basic condiments (as well as plates, cups, cutlery, & napkins); If you have something else you'd like us to grill, feel free to bring it! Beyond that we appreciate people bringing a side-dish, soda, dessert, or something else tasty to share. We've had some great smoked brisket, soups & salads in the past - keep it up! Post up and let us know what you're going to bring - we'll keep an updated list lower down in this post.

How Do I Bring Food and Ride?
If you're planning on riding to the picnic, obviously, you can either pack it in a backpack, or strap it to the back seat, but another option would be to pass it off to someone who is caging it. We'll start a list below of cagers who can take stuff there for people. If you do go this route, please don't expect them to pick it up from your house - you need to make arrangements to get it wherever it needs to be.

Who is Caging It and Transporting Food for People?
This will help those of you on bikes arrange a cage to get your soup, chili, or whatever to the picnic. If you can volunteer please post up, but include your general location! Expect some people to PM you asking for your services. If you need food brought for you, PM one of these people.

Caging/Transporting Food:

Food ideas:
- Potato salad
- Macaroni salad
- Cole slaw
- Chili
- Green chili
- BBQ baked beans
- Chips and/or dip
- Fruit salad
- Vegetables & dip
- Watermelon
- Pie
- Cake
- Cookies
- Soda/drinks
- Water
- ??? (any suggestions?)

Other stuff we can use:
- LARGE coolers
- ice ice baby
- EZ-up canopies
- camp chairs
- games (ie: volleyball net; football; frisbee; etc

Who is bringing what:
Jmetz - Hot dogs, Burgers, Brats, Paperware/Plasticware, Condiments, some water and soda, pony keg
Grill Master Flash mdub - Grill
Madvlad - Ice-Chips-Dessert
BC14 - Chips Dip/Salsa
Barn - Cheese Slices
FZRguy - BBQ Beans
Demonrider - Large Bowl of Ceviche, 2 Large Bags of Tortilla Chips, 1 case of bottled water, and 2 Six Packs of Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale
Grant H. - Mystery sides
Stuart Little - Some ice and pop
One-ops - A cooler and some ice, a watermelon perhaps some vodka and juice.