BMW said in its alert email, "During ongoing quality analyses, it found that in the case of excessive torque applied to the wheel bolts, cracks or damage can occur to the rear wheel flange. Based on these findings the rear wheel flange will be replaced free of charge as a precaution with a more robust part. Vehicles are safe to operate as long as the wheel bolts are properly tightened to the factory specified torque and the flange has no cracking.".

The rear wheel flange recall affects 43,000 R and K motorcycles built between November 2003 and April 2011. Call the nearest BMW Dealer and give them your VIN number and they will tell you if you bike needs this replacement. The BMW Motorrad NA Customer Service # is (800-831-1117) or email (

This replacement takes about 2 hours to complete at the dealer (at least that is what they charge BMW Motorrad USA).

Had mine replaced by BMW of Denver on Havana, Denver, CO. My flange was fine, replaced the aluminum with a steel flange, some extra weight but stronger.