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Thread: MS 150 ride- donations needed

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    MS 150 ride- donations needed

    I know I'm new here, but I am trying to raise some money for a good cause. Back in 2009 I did the MS 150 ride (bicycle) and it was a great experience for a good cause. This year my wife and I have signed up to do it. Its a 150 mile bike ride from Irive to San Diego spread over 2 days. Last time it was 105 the first day and 50 the next.

    Last time I did it was a very rewarding and eye opening experience. I remember at the end of the 1st day as I was dropping my bike off in the pen a woman rode in, and cramped up and fell over, a few of us went over to help her up, ask her if she needed water/food whatever and her response was "its not from the riding"- she had just done 105 miles while suffering from MS

    So my wife and I could use your help our pages are located here, click "donate to me"- we will never see or handle the money


    Here is some info regarding where the money goes
    and a brief description of MS

    Thank you for all the help

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    Re: MS 150 ride- donations needed

    I do the Colorado ride every year with my corporate team. It is the last weekend in June, and always a good time. Maybe see you on the CO ride next year.
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    Re: MS 150 ride- donations needed

    I have been interested in doing this ride. I will look for the CO one.

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