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Thread: Sean Thomas

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    Sean Thomas

    I can't believe it! I used to work with this guy's dad. Pretty cool to see where he's at now:
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    Re: Sean Thomas

    Wow! Good for him!! That's how Rossi got started!!
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    Re: Sean Thomas

    Where do I sign up to get this kid's parents a beer?!
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    Re: Sean Thomas

    That kid is so good man, corner working all this season just seeing him battle it out with the rest of the field was awesome. He's one of our future in this sport.

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    Re: Sean Thomas

    I'm incredibly proud of Sean. He has grown tremendously in the couple of years I've had the pleasure of coaching and working with him.

    On top of being a great student, he's a nice kid with solid values and good parents.

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    Re: Sean Thomas

    very cool
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    Re: Sean Thomas

    Sean is really growing in this sport quickly. Start of this season I had no issues keeping him behind me, 4 race weekends and a crash later he was impossible to keep up with! Great job Sean!
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