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Thread: Need to borrow: Chain Breaker / Rivet tool

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    Need to borrow: Chain Breaker / Rivet tool

    Hey all,
    This is one of the few things I have not done on my bike myself. Anyone have a Chain Breaker / Rivet tool in Denver I can borrow? And could you possibly show me how to use it too? If not Iím sure good old youtube can teach me a thing or 2.
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    Re: Need to borrow: Chain Breaker / Rivet tool

    I have one you can borrow. If you feel like coming to my place to get it, I can show you how it works (near S. Wads & Belleview).
    In case you are wondering, this is the one I have...
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    Re: Need to borrow: Chain Breaker / Rivet tool

    I use a dremel to cut the chain, and have a press tool to put the new master on.
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    Re: Need to borrow: Chain Breaker / Rivet tool

    I have 2 different ones you can borrow, also in the wads and beleview area
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    Re: Need to borrow: Chain Breaker / Rivet tool

    Just go to harbor freight and pick up their $15 one. They are great if you keep them lubed up. - Contact me for CSC pricing

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