Hi guys,
I am looking for two professional administrative people in Aurora.
1)Take calls from employees regarding benefits, payroll, etc. Must have a very professional phone demeanor. Forward calls and emails to appropriate people. Will be the first line of contact for calls and emails. This is not a call center. But it requires strong customer service, a perky attitude, a positive phone demeanor and professional speech patterns. 8-12 week contract. If you are awesome they will consider you for permanent employment.
2)Higher end Admin who is very detail oriented, and has experience with invoicing. Again, very professional and reliable. This is contract to hire.

The other person I'm looking for is someone to do badging and security. Work in an office in front of a computer and get employees badged for parking permits, elevator floor allowances. Take payments for monthly parking. Will work with people in person, via phone and via email to take their personal info, car license plate info, receive payments for parking, take their picture for badges. This will be contract to hire. Aurora.

Let me know if you are interested via PM and I can provide you pay rates.