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Thread: Bazzaz tune on GSXR1000

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    Bazzaz tune on GSXR1000

    I posted a thread a few years ago and can't find it. Anyway, is their a dyno tuner in the Springs/Denver area that does quality work? I'd like to have my Bazzaz tuned up, along with the traction control (installed) and quick shifter rod adjusted and installed. And my bike taken care off. Any help/direction is appreciated.

    I've been riding on a stock tune, it might even be the "slip on" from Bazzaz. Just want to get my bike 100 percent.

    The last recommendation was a three day ordeal. I just want to ride and wait if possible. If not so be it...
    Trying to get on the racetrack!

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    Re: Bazzaz tune on GSXR1000

    Quik Cycles ftw

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