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Thread: Motorcycle moving options

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    Motorcycle moving options

    I got a friend who called me for an opinion on freight companies or motorcycle transporters. He is buying a bike in MO and wants to get it to CO. It's an r9T if that matters.

    I remember there was a post recently from someone about someone local that they recommended.

    Who has done it and can you give me some options?
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    Re: Motorcycle moving options

    My recommendation is to have the buyer and seller work through their local BMW dealer. They're going to know who to use and who not to. I did this when I bought my Buell from a dealer in Wisconsin. It arrived without a scratch.

    Contrarily, when I moved from DC to Charleston, the movers packed my Tuono in with my house stuff and broke the rear turn signals off... Not a major issue, but it was obvious they had no idea what they were doing. Moving from Charleston to Denver, I did the same thing and the Tuono arrived unscathed... Judging from how much of the rest of my stuff got jacked up, it's a miracle the bike made it at all, let alone unharmed!

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    Re: Motorcycle moving options

    The AMA endorses and offers a discount to members who use Federal Motorcycle Transport. 877-518-7376
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    Re: Motorcycle moving options

    I used two years ago and had no issue with their service.

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