O.k. have a set of slicks for sale. Rear is a Pirelli Superbike Pro 200/60/R17 and brand new, Front is a Bridgestone Racing Battlax 125/600/R17 is used with only a few laps on it. I'm selling these as a set, no I won't separate them. Price is $125 for the slicks

Have two used(take offs) Pirelli Supercorsa rears in 180 size. Asking $50 a piece for the tires. They both have lots of life left in them. Good for track days and if you know what you're doing, riding on the street with them. I've ridden with race take offs for years(can't remember the last new set of tires I bought) and never had issues riding on the street with them. And for track days, they are a great tire.

Slicks - $125
Supercorsa Rear - $50
Supercorsa Rear - $50

Like my trailer I want these gone. Will not be needing these anytime soon. If interested or want them, you'll have to come get them or I can meet half way if you're in Denver.

thanks for looking...