I forgot about this site, I'm so sorry! I have a ton of pictures (most in my C-list advert below) but just let me know what you need. I also have 2 trailer restraint systems that I no longer need. One is universal for any pass through rear axle while the other is the Pit Bull unit with bike specific pins. The cool thing is I have tons of pin combinations and have found a standard Japanese axle I couldn't get to work! PLEASE do not send me a PM or post your interest in the this thread, I dont get alerts!

Click on the C-list ad below and contact me through it, I get alerts and will respond immediately!


I set a average sale price on this stuff but if you're buying a few items, please make offers on the parts you need. I'm happy to come up with a good price on this stuff. Please be aware that this is all in very good condition with the excetion of the bar end (lots of life left) and the rear set with a "custom" grind on the bottom of the peg. The last Akra slip ons I sent cost me $48 to ship from CO to CA with insurance so please factor that into a offer. We all know forks get messed up if not packed with proper material, you will not have that problem with me.

Paypal is OK if its a friends and family payment. Sending a check or USPS money order is also accepted. Wells Fargo instant transfer is available if you have an account there (no fees on either side). If you're in CO and we can meet up, I can swipe a card if that's easier some how.

Akrapovic Slip on Titanium and Carbon cans. $700 plus the ride
Akrapovic Titanium "Y" pipe. $275 plus the ride
Ohlins Forks $1000 plus the ride
Ohlins TTX shock $900 plus the ride
GPX Pro Data logger/lap timer $400 plus the ride
Captive spacers front and rear $50 free shipping
Rental Clip ons with motovation bar end sliders (one slider has been down but LOTS of life left) $130 free shipping
Gilles Rear sets (one side has been down but all the "meat" is still there) $250 free shipping
Braking (Italy) Full floating front rotors $310 free shipping
MMR Ultra lite rear rotor $60 free shipping
Power Commander PCV $200 free shipping
Power Commander Auto Tune $150 free shipping
HM Anitorri stand alone quick shifter $200 free shipping
Harris Gas cap $80 free shipping
Carbon Fiber Swing Arm covers (one ding from above mentioned rear set, not all the way through). $150 free shipping