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Thread: The anti-gun idiots will be going ape shit over this one!!!

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    Re: The anti-gun idiots will be going ape shit over this one!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by #1Townie View Post
    Ruby ridge. Waco... even better... hurricane Katrina. after hurricane Katrina authorities rounded up as many of the guns as they could. you say they aren't doing? I say they have been doing it.

    so... while these guys are going around and flat out destroying our right to defend ourselves what else was taking place?

    so while the police were illegally taking people's guns away they were also killing the unarmed citizens for fun basically. that's nice. that's with all the national guard troops. all the mercenaries... all the police... yeah it was the wild west. so I ask you... is it really that difficult to picture a way that a rifle of this sort could be needed in today's society? most cops have one. why? why does a law enforcement officer need a firearm like this? is it that most crimes are committed against cops and we the normal people of this country are left alone? do I really need to answer that?

    yes the article you showed gives some sad thoughts into what it looks like when a bunch of kids are shot up. propaganda good sir. anything that is designed or written to affect you emotionally is just propaganda.

    have any idea what what a person looks like at after a shotgun blast? how about the muskets everyone talks about? they were only 50 caliber. how about hand guns? they will do some pretty good work on flesh. they are guns. they are all designed to kill. no one gun is designed to kill humans and other animals.

    see the biggest problem here is the slippery slope. we not only are on it but we are moving into dangerous territory. so we are going to ban something that isn't actually an issue and isn't actually the problem. then when this happens again with another kind of firearm then what are we going to do? see these shooters are doing this just to make the news. when they ban these rifles and school shootings still take place what is next? ban the handguns because they actually account for the majority of the murders? then where are we? do we get to walk around with shotguns and 308 and bigger hunting rifles? what happens when the shooters use these guns? what are we left with? nothing? we get baseball bats? enjoy using a bat against four or five guys that just broke into your home. I'm not saying you won't win but you'll be in for the fight of your life. guess you could just get on your knees and beg them to leave you are your family alone. see I'm not there. I won't ever beg someone for my protection. o don't have that in me. as long as there is air in my lungs I'll protect my loved ones with every tool I have at my disposal.

    see you have been told we don't need these things. who told you this? CNN? liberals? how many of them are protected by armed guards? personal security? tall walls and secure houses? if they disarm us do we get private security? how are you going to guarantee my safety? you are limiting my ability to defend myself so I ask you how you will guarantee my safety.

    you are still avoiding these questions. you can't talk about this world harmony without answering these questions. what if in 200 years China has overgrown themselves and has decided the untied states looks like a good place to spread out? you can guarantee that we will never face a nuclear war? sure maybe it would be the end of the world. what if it's not? what if it just turns out world into post apocalyptic style world? do you want to leave future generations with nothing to defend themselves if an invading army comes to town? you say our firearms are worthless yet people who live in caves are still fighting off our troops. they run around with just rifles and some RPGs. yet here we are. still fighting. you say it's different and I laugh at that. it's only different because you can't counter that argument.

    see you won't guarantee me anything because you can't. just like our government can't. you claim weapons of war. it's nothing more than a sword to the knights many years ago. nothing more than arrows. nothing more than muskets. they are all weapons of war. guns are designed to kill. that is their function. that's why I laugh at these terms weapons of war. all weapons we're at some point a function of war. knives are just modern daggers. rifles replaced swords. swords replaced rocks.
    I had to do some research to understand why that happened during Katrina.
    There was mandatory evacuation ordered so how do you let residents carry their weapons in the public? Afterwards, there was some legislation passed, I think, that would prohibit confiscation of guns during and would allow to temporarily waive restrictions carrying guns in public without the license.
    Anyways, good discussion. I learned a lot about this topic.
    By the way, if you were there during Katrina when they were trying to help you survive but you were asked to surrender your weapons, would you have engaged and fired at your at the military/cops?

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    Re: The anti-gun idiots will be going ape shit over this one!!!

    Food for thought.

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