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Thread: MotoGP Round 2 (Argentina) - Viewing Party - Lochbuie - 4/08

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    MotoGP Round 2 (Argentina) - Viewing Party - Lochbuie - 4/08

    Heater asked me to relay this info to the forums:

    Who's ready to watch Argentina?!
    The CSC is facilitating a Moto GP party hosted by the generous Nathan A. Zeh!
    We will be providing burgers & Fat Tire, but would ask that you BYOB and sides.
    There will be a donation jar to help fund future events and noms.
    We look forward to seeing you there & getting to know some of you better

    PS: It's a great ride out there with plenty of parking out front.

    PPS: This is a kid friendly home, so feel free to bring a little or 2.

    Please comment below if you think you will attend and what you will be bringing.

    Sunday, April 8 - Local time for the race is noon. Party goes from 11-2.

    The address can be found in the the Facebook Event; please RSVP there (the event is only open to members of the Colorado Sportbike Club Facebook Group).
    If you can't see the Facebook Event, please first make sure you're a member of the Colorado Sportbike Club Facebook Group, then send me a PM and I will get you added.
    If you are one of the 7 people in the world that does not have a FB account, send me a PM and I will give you the address.
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    Re: MotoGP Round 2 (Argentina) - Viewing Party - Lochbuie - 4/08

    I'm always out on the weekends and with the late start of the race, I might stop by. Won't eat your food or drink your beer, just looking for a destination. Actually, I might need to borrow a glass and some ice....

    I'm one of the seven people in the world without a FB account (and never will). So, PM the info. Thanks!
    Kim & Dean
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