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Thread: 4 bikes - which is most likely to give no problems

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    4 bikes - which is most likely to give no problems

    Ninja 1000
    ninja 650
    tracer 900

    one day I was going through a "CL sell check on bikes" and interestingly enough, I saw a ninja650 with 120k miles. mentioned he had high mileage because due to commuting in California; ad also mentioned he never had issues on the bike other than wear and tear.

    After seeing this, i was like hell!! didnt think a bike would last as long! do you guys have any experience with high mileage? or what you guys currently drive thats high mileage? Reason I listed these 4 bikes is because I daily everyday and looking for a motorcycle I can depend on for daily driving with minimal issues.

    I went with a honda cb500x since you; but I am making this into a rally raid so it will be a 50/50 bike

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    Re: 4 bikes - which is most likely to give no problems

    HOOOOLY .... I would NOT buy any used bike with that many miles on it. I hit 50k on the ZX14 and that is considered very high for a sport bike. "commute miles" or not.

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    Re: 4 bikes - which is most likely to give no problems

    Go with the Yamaha - those things are practically bulletproof and most of them only require a valve check/adjustment every 26,000 miles. I had a 1982 Yamaha XJ650 that I put 55,000 miles on, sold it a friend and he put another 30,000 miles on it before he sold it. It was still running fine with no real issues at 85,000 miles.
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