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Thread: Gsxrscott's new job

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    Gsxrscott's new job

    If you or someone you know is in need of a different vehicle, but doesn't want to go through the normal crap associated with buying a car, then let me know. I do not sell cars, I help you find the perfect vehicle at a reasonable price. No sales pressure!!! $50 cash paid for all referrals buying a car from me. Just have them give me your name and number and I will get that to you! You can sign up on Hyundai's web site for $200 for each referral that buys a NEW car and I'll still give you $50 cash on top of that. Thanks for any referrals and keep the rubber side down. or you can reach me on my cell at (719)237-1429 Have a great life! Ride hard!
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    Re: Gsxrscott's new job

    Ooooh Hyundai’s....I’ll pass

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