I had a 3 year break from trackdays, went to HPR on 9/28. After the misting rain all morning session stopped, I finally got knee down again in the afternoon. What was new to me:

--Hey, the entry road's paved!
--Guy in the office with shaved head & dark goatee starts the riders meeting--holy crap it's Glenn.
--have to ride all the way to the east border of the paddock to come around to track entrance now.
--Track repaving: no more weird bump in turn 2. Not sure where to turn in now to late apex it.
--Turn 8 looks better, but I took it easy since I've lowsided it twice, once when it was super bumpy, then again at my last trackday when I tipped it in too fast on an outlap. It looked funny or scuffed up where the center seam stopped, so I kept turning in around that.
--New LED panel flagging system is super bright on an overcast day.