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Thread: how do you wheelie a 250 lol???

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    how do you wheelie a 250 lol???

    So im learning to wheelie my klx250 as part of getting over stuff and enduro riding (until i get a more powerful and lighter bike lol) but just a bit worried of going that extra step of revving up a little more to get it all the way up. scared it might ruin my bike clutch wise or even buck me off lol. any tips? should I sit on the rear more? how should I use the rear brakes? issue I have with the rear brakes is im so focused on trying to get the front up that i completely forget to use the rear brake if I were to go tooo up

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    Re: how do you wheelie a 250 lol???

    2 kinds of wheelies, the roll on, where you just pull the throttle and the front raises or the the clutch up. Clutch up, you should be rolling in 1st and then clutch and gas, then release. On smaller bikes you will need to have to throttle pretty high before you dump the clutch, you might even need to lean back a little. Hit the rear break to immediately pull the wheelie back down. Careful not to mash that rear brake in fear before you hit your wheelie.

    Be careful, wear gear and do it on dirt.

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    Re: how do you wheelie a 250 lol???

    Enduro wheelie doesn't require getting the front end all the way up, in fact, except for showing off you really want your wheel in contact with the ground as much as possible. With that bike you are going to need to bounce it (compress front end) up with clutch assist and shift weight back in that order. You want just enough to get it up on top of obstacle, as soon as the front is on to and you are on your way over, shift weight back forward to avoid the rear wheel buck. On dirt your back brake is VERY important. Get used to using it. I did a great deal of my steering with my back brake.
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