Hello to all the High Plains Raceway fans. I have two purposes for this thread:

First, I'm looking for somebody with motorcycle open lapping experience to help out with a new subreddit dedicated to HPR, which can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/HighPlainsRaceway/
It is a fairly new sub, so not a ton of content yet. I'm more of a car guy lately, so if you know a lot about these motorcycle lapping days, and are interested in being a moderator, or even just visiting the site and providing your value, that would be fantastic.

Second, on that very subreddit there's a user looking for more detailed info and guidance about doing his or her first lapping day. If you have the info please review and respond here:

For the record, I am...
  1. Not affiliated with HPR, and
  2. Not a motorcycle guy anymore, having given it up in 2013. (I'm just out of the loop in most ways.)

Thanks in advance to anybody interested in helping out, and giving the new sub some traction in general.