So it's starting to get nicer here in the Denver metro, and yesterday on my morning commute down I-225, I'm hanging out in the left lane doing 10 MPH like everyone else... and I see this big ass Harley bagger riding down the shoulder doing 15? 20 MPH?

It made me realize that in all the states I've ridden/driven/lived... I have never seen motorcyclists ride on the shoulder except here in CO. What gives? I would never do it, because I'm too afraid of picking up a nail or other debris... and it's not often, either; but I usually see a handful during the summer months.

Is this some bad habit CO riders have? Are the Natives blaming transplants? I've just never seen it anywhere else (lane splitting, yes, shoulder-driving, no).

It also comes at interesting time since Utah just passed their bill for a modified lane-split (Lane Filtering).