Hi everyone, don't post here very often but I am currently working overseas doing security. I am tired of traveling and would like to return to the US for some stability...
...and track days. My son is getting older and I'd like to start building his MX track (I have 70 acres out east) so we can start riding together.

Looking for some ideas, quick background on myself:
5 years USMC Infantry
1 year Subaru & Volkswagen tech
4 years oil & gas / geotechnical industry
1 year self-employed (I bought a restaurant, rehab'd it and sold)
1 year Private Security

Almost complete with my degree in Cyber Security.

Besides the brief stints as a mechanic and being self-employed, I've never really had a "normal" job, the drilling and fracking always took me around the country weekly and I currently spend 120 days overseas with 35 days off.