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Thread: "Refresh" muffler kit for TBR M2 Exhaust

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    Question "Refresh" muffler kit for TBR M2 Exhaust

    Is repacking your muffler every 5K miles a thing? I don't think I have ever repacked mine on my 2003 CBR954RR in the 15 years I've had it. But the end cap is scratched and missing paint, so I wanted to replace it. TBR charges $65 for the endcap but $100 for a repack kit, saying you should repack every 5K miles. Makes sense, after 20K miles, to get the whole kit, which comes with an endcap. But I don't have a rivet tool and Fay Meyers says my bike is too old for them to work on.

    Is this worth doing, either myself or getting a local shop to do? Thanks for your input.
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    Re: "Refresh" muffler kit for TBR M2 Exhaust

    I would say 5K is a bit of overkill but 15 years and 20k it is probably due. As for doing it I can do it for you and I am sure there are other shops who would be able to do it for you

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    Re: "Refresh" muffler kit for TBR M2 Exhaust

    Holy shit! A post from Marauder!!
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    Re: "Refresh" muffler kit for TBR M2 Exhaust

    Too old for them to work on?! Was that a joke?

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