That time of the year to renew our only recurring thread in this wasteland of a forum haha. With that said, let's begin!!!

WSBK went testing at Jerez in rainy conditions and man HRC hit the ground running with that new Honda, already at the top of the timesheets but guess we'll see how they do in dry conditions. I honestly thought Honda was going to deliver another joke of a SP bike but they are proving me and many wrong this time around which is nice cause that means another manufacturer to enter the fight and make that paddock a lot more exciting to watch. Can't wait for Gerloff to show Yamaha what he's capable of in that R1 and hopefully they'll offer him a factory seat in the future, he's already showed great potential.

MotoGP has team presentations ongoing and I believe testing at Sepang next month, guess we'll see what Yamaha/Aprilia have to offer now updates wise since the rumor is that both will be testing new and more powerful engines there. We'll see if any of the teams will have anything for Marquez and Honda and sure hope things stir up a bit. Another rumor is that Marquez is having difficulty/problems healing quickly from his shoulder surgery so who knows if the winds of difficulty in his career are set to begin (no, not wishing bad upon the guy, just as we all know all the greats went through bad spells with injuries and such that hindered their seasons, that's all so don't take that comment in a bad way). Bummer to hear about Iannone and the whole substance abuse ordeal but we'll see how that one evolves as these next couple months go on in court hearings and such before the season begins in March given that if he's found guilty, he will face a long suspension and it may mark the end of his riding career. As of right now it looks like they may bring in Abraham for a testing role meanwhile that whole ordeal resolves.

Yoshimura and Graves decided to pull out of their AMA effort, which led Factory Yamaha to partner up with Attack Performance for the 2020 season and M4 Ecstar took over the factory Suzuki efforts along with bringing Tony Elias with them but leaving Josh Herrin without a seat for the season as of right now. Garrett Gerloff is replaced at Yamaha by none other than Jake Gagne and they kept Cameron Beaubier.