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Thread: 23' MotoGP/WSBK/MotoAmerica discussion thread **SPOILER ALERT**

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    Re: 23' MotoGP/WSBK/MotoAmerica discussion thread **SPOILER ALERT**

    Much of the same for race two except with the Rossi like pass at the last turn by Toprak on Rinaldi, that was something! Gerloff had yet another decent finish but that bike is definitely light years from being anywhere to competitive, two DNF's for Redding and the fact that BMW are talking to Toprak's manager (Sofuoglu) tells you that Redding is for sure looking to leave and I'm sure VanDemarc is probably considering retirement given all of his recurring injuries and that BMW launching him to the moon every other race. I wasn't aware that Gerloff was on a two year deal and not only one as everyone thought so he's stuck on that pig for another season and doesn't seem like the new version is any better at all, doubt they'll convince Toprak to make the move over there and or keep Redding as I'm sure he's as checked out as it can be and you can tell by his body language. Now they go on about another month break and onto LeMans before GP also goes on a month break. That month is going to suck
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