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Thread: 23' MotoGP/WSBK/MotoAmerica discussion thread **SPOILER ALERT**

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    Re: 23' MotoGP/WSBK/MotoAmerica discussion thread **SPOILER ALERT**

    Dorna turning this sport into F1 slowly but surely, so this douchebag throws more racing into the mix and all in the name of greed on already financially strained teams and now expects the teams to pick up the bill while they laugh all the way to the bank from ticket sales? Unfucking real dude, they not only added sprint races but also more and more races to the calendar each season in the last few years, which not only equates to more financial strain but also physical strain and more risk that both teams and riders are taking while again, these fuckheads go to the bank... Carmelo needs to needs to step away before he tarnishes this sport, this has gone way too fucking far. I'm all for racing and all but everyone has their limits and I think this shit move is going to see a rider/team movement for fairness here that we've never seen before and I hope they stick it to Dorna and their greedy bunch.
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