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    So did a thing...

    I know most people lurk but going to start posting more stuff to see if we can get this place jumping a bit and getting more lurkers involved. If you've gotten a new bike or mods, feel free to post up and share it!

    Even though I'm not in CO anymore and had the hardest time making the decision on this because it's flatland out here and morons behind the wheel everywhere, although the bay/beach are like 15 mins away from where I live but just wanted to ride badly and got a screaming deal on this thing so couldn't say no. It's a 2018 Tuono with 7k on it, previous owner took really good care of it and did some minor mods to it, I'm going to change a couple of things here and there but nothing drastic, bike sits well as is for the most part. One of the first couple of changes are to change the OEM tail with a smoked integrated one from motodynamics to increase safety and also aesthetics, replace the front blinkers with the newrage cycles LED set and do have a set of H7 LED bulbs from LASfit coming for it already because I will say the OEM lighting on this bike is pretty horrible, the low beams are brighter than the high beam and the low beams aren't the greatest either, they just didn't think about this very thoroughly . Otherwise the bike is an absolute monster and more so here at sea level, sounds amazing and do love that you can adjust the electronics on the fly unlike the R1 I had which you had to be at a complete stop. So yeah, here it is!

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