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High-Octane Pumps in Colorado

Standard for unleaded race gas is 104 octane or less (unless otherwise specified).
Remember, race gas creates wheelies without warning. This will be part of the operator error of throttle management.

Use leaded gas at your own risk!
There is a reason behind "unleaded gas only" in your engine. You could buy a lead filter, if desired, to try something new.

Here are some clarifications and cautions about octane & leaded gas:
(courtesy of Brian at TK Motorsports)
The lowest octane you can use without detonation is going to provide the best performance. Octane is a flame retardent quality (slows down burning) to prevent detonation (preignition). Too much octane and you will actually lose power. Good race fuels have other components in them to help provide power as well as the octane for detonation protection. Race fuels are typically more consistent. A high end fuel like VP MR9 (, which is VP's highest power producing motorcycle fuel, is only 87 Octane but produces awsome power for something you just pour in!
  • Here is an article on Four Fuel Properties (including Octane)
  • Here is an article on VP's successful debut of MR9 at Daytona

    Lead is a lubricant. It is okay for a bike with the following exceptions:

  • If your bike has an O2 sensor in the exhaust, lead will kill the sensor.
  • If your bike has a catalytic converter ('03 R6 etc), lead will kill the converter.

    Usually if you replace the exhaust system with an aftermarket pipe you will be able to run leaded fuels. Oh yea, on the track. Race fuels are sold as off road use only.
  • This list is now sorted alphabetically by City

    AAI Speed EquipmentArvada 5985 Lamar110, NOS (maybe)
    Petro StopAurora4301 South Parker Rd93.5
    The Kwik KornerBerthoud437 N Hwy 28793
    Euro Sport Intl.Broomfield510 Alter Street108
    Chief PetrolemColorado Springs301 South 10th St.Race Fuel
    Farm CrestColorado Springs5050 Boardwalk Dr.93
    Philips 66DenverColfax & Josephine101 Closed for construction/renovation
    TK MotorsportsDenver845 Wyandot St.VP Race Fuel Distributor
    Vickery Motor SportsDenver2231 S. Parker Rd.Phillips Leaded: 108 @ $3.95/gal, 114 @ $4.60/gal
    Prices as of 7/28/2004
    Buy 30 or more gallons & save:
    108 @ $3.60/gal, 114 @ $4.25/gal
    Tech Center SinclairEnglewood7699 E. BellviewSunoco GT100 - ~$4.50/gallon
    Redline MotorsportsFort Collins1925 Timberline Rd.VP Racing Fuels (drums only), 104 unleaded, usually a higher leaded fuel, NOS
    Green Mtn TexacoLakewood12410 W. Alameda Prkwy110 (leaded)
    Goober's Inc.Littleton9397 S Santa Fe Dr.Sunoco GT100
    Bandimere SpeedwayMorrisonS Rooney Rd. 100, 104, 110 (not for sale yet), 116
    Only available on race days!
    Use the active scale to weigh in your bike while at the Sunoco Race Gas Station on the Northwest side of the track.
    Exhaust ProsNorthglenn11450 North Huron, Unit RNOS
    Duggans PetroleumSheridan4495 S. Santa Fe Dr. (frontage rd)100, 105, 110, 114, 118
    Big T High PerformanceThornton2577 E. 79th AveVP Race Fuel Distributor
    AmocoWheatridge32nd & Wadsworth100

    If you know of any other locations to buy high-octane gas,
    email the details to